Recent Writing on Women + Work

American Moms: Let’s Stop Feeling Guilty and Start Getting Mad.“ — Op-ed in The Guardian

Mothers are right to be feeling some pretty intense emotions about the hand we’re dealt. But instead of bonding together in righteous fury, I hear a lot more talk about “mom guilt.”

Let’s Return Mother’s Day to Its Revolutionary Roots with The Invisible Labor Calculator.” — Medium, co-authored with Amy Westervelt

“The revolution at work will begin with a revolution at home. And that revolution begins with an acknowledgement of the invisible labor many mothers perform to keep not just their families but the U.S. economy moving.”

"The Open Secret of Anti-Mom Bias at Work"
-- Op-ed in the New York Times.

"We’re witnessing a flood of stories condemning gender discrimination in the workplace. But bias against mothers remains casual and unapologetic."

I was a Sheryl Sandberg Superfan. Then her Lean In Advice Failed Me. — Vox.com First Person

“I believe telling mothers to raise their hands and try harder in the open sea of hostility we face in the workplace is like handing a rubber ducky to someone hit by a tsunami. “

"Why Speaking Up About My Miscarriage Is an Important Part of the Fight For Reproductive Rights." --Washington Post's The Lily

"This silence has an unexplored, urgent political cost."

"When Harassment Drives Women Out of Journalism" -- Feature for Vox.com

"Often lost in the headlines are the stories of how sexual misconduct and harassment hinder women from flourishing professionally, and prevent them from becoming prominent voices in their own right."

"The News Industry Has a Sexual Harassment Problem. #NowWhat?" -- Cover story for Nieman Reports

"The issue facing journalism is not simply about preventing sexual harassment; it’s about also acknowledging that this behavior is often a part of a sexist and unequal work environment. Newsroom cultures need to change in ways that both stop sexual harassment and foster supportive work environments for women."

"Where are the Mothers?" -- Cover story for Nieman Reports

"If news organizations want to attract and retain millennial journalists, newsrooms must better meet the needs of parents with young children—and create better work-life balance for everyone"

"Want better family leave and flexibility at your company? Follow these 5 steps." -- Nieman Reports

"What It's Like to be a Breastfeeding Journalist" -- Nieman Reports